Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Super Dry Eye Kit developed by Michael Lange OD, CNS

I have been working in the trenches clinically for over 20 years seeing the worse cases of dry eye patients.  I have seen what works and what does not work over the last two decades.  I very rarely prescribe antibiotics or steroids for my dry eye patients since I have taken a more natural approach.  The combination of three nutrients : Fortifeye Super Omega, Fortifeye Focus and Black Currant seed oil  when used together help to quell the inflammation of the meibomian glands and improve the tear quality dramatically.  Most patients also notice an improvement in hair, nails and skin health after three months as well as less joint pain if they have some arthritic conditions. Using a good lisd scrub preparation like occusoft lid scrub foam in the pm will reduce the microbial flora along the eye lashes that have a tendency to clog the meibomian glands. These simple lid scrubs will improve dry eye symptoms and reduce the chances of an eye infection.  The use of a good preservative free artificial tear is crucial in the beginning stages of dry eye treatment. I like Oasis Tears plus , Blink and Retaine as my tears of choice . These three tend to last a little longer than the rest. In really dry eyes I like to combine oasis with retain or blink with reatine these combinations help to replenish the entire tear film. Then the final and possibly the most important part of the dry eye kit is the hot compress via the Brueder Mask.  I recommend patients use this heating mask two times a day for a minimum of ten minutes to help unclog the meibomian glands and improve the tear film quality.  I have put all of this together  in a kit I call the Super Dry Eye Kit at Fortifeye Vitamins. www.fortifeye.com or call 866 503 9746.  The Super Dry Eye Kit sells for $100 and is a significant savings if you tried to buy them individually.  Call and speak to Arlene at Fortifeye to get the Super Dry Eye Kit. If you use this system daily you should see a dramtic improvemnt in dry eye symptoms almost immediately with maximum benefit taking up to four months.

Michael Lange OD, CNS  09/24/2013

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