Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dr Michael Lange Dry Eye Expert wishes everyone a happy and healthy 2014! Dry Eye Natural treatments for the new year.

Dr. Michael Lange wishes everyone a Happy New Year!  New Years resolutions for dry eye should being started today!!!  Dr. Michael Lange says everyone should follow some simple steps to reduce dry eye symptoms.  Natural dry eye treatment should consist of a few steps.
1.  hydrate,  drink half body weight in ounces of spring water and add a few glasses of coconut water. One to two cups of coffee is actually good for dry eyes however more becomes a diuretic.
2.  clean the lids: use ocusoft lid scrub once a day, if eyes are really crusty and lid margins inflamed then use Cliradex once a day at bed.
3.  take a good triglyceride form omega three fish oil with a minimum of 1600 mg combined, Fortifeye Super Omega was developed by Dr Lange to meet these requirements. if over 240 lbs you should double this amount
4.  using a good unpreserved lubricating eye drop that has hyaluranic acid in it. The two on the market are Oasis tears plus and Blink preservative free.  Use these frequently.
5.  the addition of astaxanthin 6mg along with GLA about 140`160 mg can give some additional nutritional help for dry eyes. Fortifeye Focus has 6mg of astaxanthin along with some extra lutein and zeaxanthin.

all of the above recommendations can be purchased through  or at and Lange Eye Care location or Lange Nutrition Centers. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Dr Michael Lange.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Michael Lange OD develops new potent one-a-day multivitamin and eye vitamin

One of the most potent and newest multivitamin / eye vitamins on the market developed by Michael Lange OD is called Fortifeye Complete Once Daily. This is a one-a-day vitamin for ocular and whole body health.  Fortifeye Complete Once Daily was developed after over ten years of clinical research .  This supplement acts as a multivitamin, eye vitamin, vegie/fruit blend and enzymes all in one USP certified tablet. Michael Lange OD states this is a new generation tablet delivery system that contains micro beadlets inside the tablet to improve absorption of the carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin isomers.  Many new generation nutrients in therapeutic dosages have been used in this new supplement.  This is recommended for anyone looking for a cost effective high potency all in one supplement.  Learn more and order at

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Michael Lange OD makes Natural Dry Eye Treatment simple

Natural dry eye treatment is made simple with Fortifeye Focus, Oasis Tears Plus and Fortifeye Super Omega. Michael Lange OD has used this combination on 1000s of patients over the last few years.
Michael Lange OD states that he has huge success using the combination of these three in his dry eye clinics in Florida. Fortifeye Super Omega can be used at four times per day for the first two weeks and then back down to two per day thereafter.  Fortifeye Super Omega has been proven to raise the omega index in clinical studies to  9.2-11% in everyone under 240 lbs.  This is the therapeutic index that good omega 3 oils are graded by. The goal is to be over 8%.  Virtually no over the counter omega 3 ( Krill, Calamarine or fish ) will bring the omega index over 8% at two per day dosing.  Doctors all over the world are recommending Fortifeye Super Omega for their dry eye patients.
The addition of Fortifeye Focus at one per day works synergistic together with Fortifeye Super omega at helping to eliminate dry tired eye symptomology.  The key component in Fortifeye Focus is astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a potent anti inflammatory and a potent antioxidant. 6 mg of Astaxanthin has been proven to improve accomadative ability in the eye and reduce eye fatigue. There are many other numerous health benefits of astaxanthin.  Michael Lange OD has many patients that have  complete resolution of their dry tired eye symptoms after taking Fortifeye Super Omega and Fortifeye Focus for a three month period. Most of the patients have also reported and tremendous improvement in the health of their skin and noticeably less fine lines and wrinkles in their face.
Using Oasis tears or Blink preservative free lubricating eye drops is Dr. Langes choice for immediate relief of dry eyes.  Both Oasis Tears Plus and Blink Preservative Free are preservative free and has hyaluronic acid as an ingredient that has natural anti inflammatory  effects.  Dr. Michael Lange preaches to his patients and over the radio waves on his syndicated talk show " the triple whammy of dry eyes is Fortifeye Focus, Fortifeye Super Omega and Oasis or Blink tears".  learn more and order at
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Super Dry Eye Kit developed by Michael Lange OD, CNS

I have been working in the trenches clinically for over 20 years seeing the worse cases of dry eye patients.  I have seen what works and what does not work over the last two decades.  I very rarely prescribe antibiotics or steroids for my dry eye patients since I have taken a more natural approach.  The combination of three nutrients : Fortifeye Super Omega, Fortifeye Focus and Black Currant seed oil  when used together help to quell the inflammation of the meibomian glands and improve the tear quality dramatically.  Most patients also notice an improvement in hair, nails and skin health after three months as well as less joint pain if they have some arthritic conditions. Using a good lisd scrub preparation like occusoft lid scrub foam in the pm will reduce the microbial flora along the eye lashes that have a tendency to clog the meibomian glands. These simple lid scrubs will improve dry eye symptoms and reduce the chances of an eye infection.  The use of a good preservative free artificial tear is crucial in the beginning stages of dry eye treatment. I like Oasis Tears plus , Blink and Retaine as my tears of choice . These three tend to last a little longer than the rest. In really dry eyes I like to combine oasis with retain or blink with reatine these combinations help to replenish the entire tear film. Then the final and possibly the most important part of the dry eye kit is the hot compress via the Brueder Mask.  I recommend patients use this heating mask two times a day for a minimum of ten minutes to help unclog the meibomian glands and improve the tear film quality.  I have put all of this together  in a kit I call the Super Dry Eye Kit at Fortifeye Vitamins. or call 866 503 9746.  The Super Dry Eye Kit sells for $100 and is a significant savings if you tried to buy them individually.  Call and speak to Arlene at Fortifeye to get the Super Dry Eye Kit. If you use this system daily you should see a dramtic improvemnt in dry eye symptoms almost immediately with maximum benefit taking up to four months.

Michael Lange OD, CNS  09/24/2013

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Michael Lange OD discusses Natural Treatment of Dry eyes and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Michael Lange OD, CNS founder of Lange Eye Care and The Lange Eye Institute has  been  involved in the natural treatment of dry eyes and meibomian gland dysfunction for over 20 years with incredible success.  Natural dry eye treatment works quite well if the steps are followed.

Natural treatment for dry eyes and meibomian gland dysfunction is a combination of proper lid hygiene, proper diet, good  hydration,  correct ratio of supplements and proper lubricants.

 Blepharitis is a condition where the eye lids become inflamed and crusty secondarily to a host of pathogens.  Meibomian gland dysfunction is when the meibomian glands along the lower and upper lid margins become blocked and inflammed.  These conditions if not brought under control will lead to lid infections and dry eyes. The eye lids harbor  lots of bacteria and parasites so it is crucial that the lids are clean.  Dr. Lange recommends seeing your local optometrist or ophthalmologist to find out if you have  blepharitis  and if so what kind??  Most forms of blepharitis can be brought under control with a special lid scrub foam like ocusoft however some forms of blepharitis are related to a parasite called demodex. If demodex is in the lashes and the hair follicles then tea tree oil diluted solution will need to be used.  Dr. Lange recommends use of a commercially available product called Cliradex to treat this type of demodex condition.  The combination of lid scrubs with ocusoft then followed by a wipe of the Cliradex will get most forms of blepharitis under control within one month. 
  However if this condition does not respond to this therapy then a topical and sometimes oral antibiotic may be used.  Dr. Lange recommends using hot compresses two to three times a day for ten minutes with gentle massage of the lid margins.  This will help to liquefy the clogged meibomian glands and allow the outer lipid layer of the tear film to be healthy.  A patient can use a warm wash cloth for this but the simplest and most effective way to heat up the meibomian glands is to use a Bruder Mask, this mask retails for $25 and  last for years.  The combination of lid scrubs and hot compresses will improve blepharitis and meibomian gland problems and will then help dry eye symptoms by improving the glands secretion of the crucial lipid layer of tear film .

Michael Lange OD, CNS also states that adjustment in the typical American diet is crucial for dry eye patients.   He recommends patients adapt an all organic, gluten free paleo diet.  This is an anti inflammatory diet that helps the body detoxify.  The typical American diet is pro inflammatory and is one of the reasons we have so much inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a root cause of dry eyes. Natural treatment of dry eyes starts with adjustment in the diet.  Michael Lange OD sees many patients with meibomian gland dysfunction improve dramatically  with just an improvement in diet.

Most Americans are dehydrated! Dehydration is also a major contributing factor to dry eyes.  Michael Lange OD, CNS preaches on his syndicated radio show and to his patients  to drink half your body weight in spring water.  Drink spring water and not distilled water or reverse osmosis water. Spring water is high in minerals and relatively alkaline. Reverse osmosis and distilled water is acidic  and mineral free.  If a patient drinks a lot of distilled water or reverse osmosis water then due to the laws of osmosis the minerals in the body can be leached out causing mineral deficiency in the body.  This can aggravate a dry eye condition.   Dr Lange also recommends drinking 1-2 glasses of coconut water a day to gain some valuable minerals like magnesium and potassium. One cup of coffee a day may be beneficial for dry eyes however more than one cup becomes a diuretic.   To counter effect the coffee one must drink three additional cups of water for every cup of coffee.

Nutritional supplements for dry eyes and clogged meibomian glands are becoming the gold standard because they work.  Dr. Lange recommend a minimum of 1600 mg of triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil daily for anyone under 240lbs.  If you are over 240 lbs then 3000-4000 mg of triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil is recommended.  The addition of 6 mg of a super carotenoid called astaxanthin has a synergistic effect when taken with omega 3 fish oil.  Astaxanthin is one of the most potent natural anti inflammatory/ antioxidant nutrients.  Omega 3 in the triglyceride form helps the carotenoid astaxanthin absorb more efficiently.  Astaxanthin helps to reduce eye strain , improve focusing ability of the eye and  reduce eye fatigue associated with prolonged near point or computer work.  Astaxanthin is helps to control oxidative stress and inflammation.  The combination of 1600 mg of omega 3 and 6 mg of astaxanthin dramatically reduces dry and tired eye symptoms.  Michael Lange OD, CNS is the formulator of two specific supplements he developed for Dry Tired eyes: Fortifeye Super Omega has 1600mg of TG form Omega 3  and Fortifeye Focus has 6mg of astaxanthin, 6mg of lutein and 400 mcg of zeaxanthin.  Learn more at .  Astaxanthin also has some other great health benefits; blocks the harmful uv and blue light from the sun acting as a natural sun screen, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles in the face, improves choroidal circulation, lowers CRP and cholesterol, improves muscle endurance and muscle recovery and has a very high ORAC value so great at quenching free radicals.   Wild Alaskan Salmon is a power food because it has both omega 3 in the triglyceride form and astaxanthin.   The combination of Fortifeye Super Omega and Fortifeye Focus will  help to reduce inflammation in the lid margins and the meibomian glands and  improve the quality of the tear film that is secreted dramatically.  This combination will help lower inflammation in the entire body too.  Its maximum effect takes three to four months but many people notice significant improvement in two weeks.  One last nutrient that has some benefit  for dry eyes is GLA. However the ratio of GLA is crucial  if its going to work.  GLA is an omega 6 and if too much is taken it will increase inflammation in the body.  GLA from black currant seed oil seems to work the best due to the fact that is has ALA (vegetable source of omega 3 ) as well as GLA.  Dr. Lange has tried many different combinations of GLA and Omega 3 in extremely busy dry eye practices in Florida and has come to the conclusion that  a ratio of close to 10-1 omega 3 to GLA is ideal natural treatment for dry eyes.  For dry eye treatment he recommends  140-160mg of GLA to 1600 mg of omega 3.   Michael Lange OD, CNS says the triple whammy for natural dry eye treatment is  Fortifeye Super omega 2 -4 per day depending on weight, 1 Fortifeye Focus, and 140-160 mg of GLA from Black Currant seed oil.

The final part to natural treatment of dry eyes is to add a good artificial tear.  Michael Lange OD, CNS likes to use preservative free lubricating eye drops if they are going to be used more than two times a day.  Oasis tears , Oasis tears plus, Retaine and Blink Tears  are three lubricating eye drops Dr Lange uses on most of his patients.   He likes Blink Tears  and Oasis because they both have a form of hyluranic acid in them that helps eliminate dry eye symptoms longer than most OTC artificial tears.  Often times in very dry eyes  related to meibomian gland dysfunction he will add Retaine MGD preservative free drops along with Oasis or Blink Tears to get broader coverage. 

In summary , when a combination of proper lid hygiene, diet, hydration, correct supplements and good artificial tears are used most dry eye condition  that  are a result of blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction will start to improve.  Patients  with dry eyes have come from all over the country  to The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida to learn more about natural treatment for dry eyes.  Learn more about Lange Eye Care at  and learn more about all the products discussed in this article at  to order or get more information on Dry Eye Nutrition  u can call 866 503 9746
another good site for Natural dry eye treatment is

Friday, January 25, 2013

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist and Nutrition Specialist discusses Vitamins for dry eyes

  Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist with Lange Eye Care states that sooner or later everyone if affected by dry eye syndrome.  Dry eyes are one of the most common yet under diagnosed eye conditions.  Dr. Michael Lange an Optometrist and Nutrition Specialist is involved in numerous clinical studies using nutrition  for eye problems like dry eye syndrome.   The typical American  diet is one of the culprits for so much dry eye in the United States.  The majority of Americans are consuming a pro inflammatory Omega 6 diet that is perfect for increasing dry eye symptoms.  Dr. Lange preaches to patients the importance of adjusting the diet toward a less inflammatory one.  He likes to recommend patients start a gluten free, all organic Paleo type diet and stated if patients will follow this diet religiously they will improve.  However realistically most people will not follow the guidelines as strictly as they should.  So is there a magic pill we can take to help dry eyes? Is there a dry eye vitamin?  Vitamins for dry eyes are becoming an area that is being lectured about now at the continuing education lecture halls.  Do dry eye vitamins really work is the question?  Dr. Lange states most definitely they do.  Omega 3 fish oil is the most commonly prescribed supplement for dry eyes.  Dr. Lange states that the majority of fish oil you purchase at your local drug store are not going to help dry eyes because they are too weak and in the wrong form. The typical OTC fish oil is an ethyl ester molecule that goes rancid very quickly causing a nasty burp back and does not have a high enough potency to do anything.  Dr. Lange recommends Fortifeye Super Omega 2 times a day if you weigh less than 240 lbs and 3-4 times a day if you are heavier.   1000s of patients are currently taking this triglyceride form of omega 3 fish oil.  A good triglyceride form fish oil with an EPA of 850-900 and a DHA of 550-600 is what is needed to help reduce inflammation in the meibomian glands and allow a healthier tear film to be secreted.  It really is amazing how patients that take the right dosage and the right brand of omega 3 fish oil can improve so dramatically.  Fortifeye Super Omega is made in Aselund Norway at Napro Pharma the worlds leader in fish oil purification and concentration.  This fish oil is made so it is in a chewable form if patients have difficulty swallowing and it has a very good lemon orange flavor.  There is no burp back or after taste when you take Fortifeye Super omega.  Fortifeye Super Omega is the least expensive , most potent and purest triglyceride from omega 3 on the market. Call 866 503 9746 to order or get more information or go to   Dr. Michael Lange recommends this fish oil to all of his patients regardless of age.  Omega 3 fish oil has multiple ocular and systemic health benefits.