Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dr Michael Lange Dry Eye Expert wishes everyone a happy and healthy 2014! Dry Eye Natural treatments for the new year.

Dr. Michael Lange wishes everyone a Happy New Year!  New Years resolutions for dry eye should being started today!!!  Dr. Michael Lange says everyone should follow some simple steps to reduce dry eye symptoms.  Natural dry eye treatment should consist of a few steps.
1.  hydrate,  drink half body weight in ounces of spring water and add a few glasses of coconut water. One to two cups of coffee is actually good for dry eyes however more becomes a diuretic.
2.  clean the lids: use ocusoft lid scrub once a day, if eyes are really crusty and lid margins inflamed then use Cliradex once a day at bed.
3.  take a good triglyceride form omega three fish oil with a minimum of 1600 mg combined, Fortifeye Super Omega was developed by Dr Lange to meet these requirements. if over 240 lbs you should double this amount
4.  using a good unpreserved lubricating eye drop that has hyaluranic acid in it. The two on the market are Oasis tears plus and Blink preservative free.  Use these frequently.
5.  the addition of astaxanthin 6mg along with GLA about 140`160 mg can give some additional nutritional help for dry eyes. Fortifeye Focus has 6mg of astaxanthin along with some extra lutein and zeaxanthin.

all of the above recommendations can be purchased through  or at and Lange Eye Care location or Lange Nutrition Centers. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Dr Michael Lange.

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